About Bruce LaFrance...

Bassist for Nova Red and Feeding the Machine. 


Former Bassist for Tantric, Interchange, Chaotik 3, Soul Kustody, and Acoustic Duo - Billy and Bruce.
Originally from Michigan, now living in Louisville, KY.

I've played in a hundred bands in front hundreds of thousands of people
all across the US and other parts of the world.
Been in bands with Number 1 hits and million selling albums.
Played almost every style of mainstream and not so mainstream types of music. From Rock and Metal, Jazz and Country
Progressive, Punk, Alternative, Jam, Emo,
hell even a little Polka, did I just say that?
And something one of my bands called "Porno Rock".
I am not one of these people that say "music is my life".
Music has "been" my life, for I have never done anything else.
Music comes from life, and sometimes it feels like I have lived many lifetimes.

So I am happy for all the influences and experiences I have had through the years. I hope it comes out in the music.
Here's a list of some of the shows I've done:

April Wine
Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Black Stone Cherry * (toured with)
Blue Oyster Cult
Bullet Boys
Caroline’s Spine *
Drowning Pool  (toured with)
E’Nuff Z’Nuff
Great White
Halestorm *
Hinder *
King’s X
Lillian Axe
Marcy Playground
Mitch Rider
Night Ranger
Richard Marx
Saliva * (toured with)
Saving Abel
Story Of The Year
Stroke 9
The Luchagors
2 Live Crew
7 Mary Three
30 Seconds To Mars

(*= opening band)